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Monday, 2019-06-17, 7:43 AM
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GMX Maintenance Free Water Conditioners
& Natural Gas Savers
   The Facts "Whether you know it or not, whenever fluids run through the pipes and appliances in your house, or through the engine in your car or truck, problems are building -- problems that can wear down your equipment, cost you money and hurt our environment." The facts are in disputable: the hard water that is piped into the vast majority of our homes, offices, factories, and other buildings causes scale build-up. And scale build-up causes problems that result in wasted dollars. 
  "GMX Magnetic fluid conditioning products work! They solve scale build-up problems in water, and make fuel combustion more complete. Plus, they help the environment."
   Fuel is another fluid that causes problems if not treated. While scale build-up is not a problem in gasoline and diesel fuel, incomplete combustion is. Combustion is never complete in gasoline and diesel engines. This is readily visible in the accumulations of carbon in the combustion chambers and valves, and in the varnish that forms in the injectors and carburetors. Scale and Calcium buildup within pipes. Incomplete combustion results in harmful emissions, as well as decreased fuel efficiency and engine performance. Like scale build-up in water, these problems take dollars out of your pocket and harm the environment.
   GMX has created magnetic fluid conditioning devices that capture the full power of magnetohydrodynamics and put it to work for you. It begins with the magnets themselves. The heart of all GMX products are super high-powered ceramic magnets. Originally developed by the U.S. government for NASA's Space Program, these high-tech, lightweight, compact magnets pack thousands of gauss of magnetic pull into a small space. And they don't wear out or require outside power! In fact, over a normal human life span, the magnets lose an insignificant amount of their original strength! While the basic technology has been used for many years in industrial applications, the compact new magnets allow the advantages of GMX magnetic fluid conditioning to go into private residences...even cars and trucks.
   "The potential benefits which could be derived from a non-chemical method of water conditioning of this type (magnetic fluid conditioning) include reduced energy requirements, water conservation, reduction or elimination of chemical feed and control requirements, and reduced pollution." American Petroleum Institute, Washington D.C. Evaluation of the Principles of Magnetic Water Treatment API Publication 960, September, 1985
"Old ways die hard but the change is inevitable. We stand on the threshold of a magnetic revolution in fluid conditioning." Dennis Sheppard & Ron Van Dyke, Clash of Technologies, January 1993 "No one argues whether magnetic treatment is effective or not: in the Soviet Union the magnetic treatment of water is used extensively and with tremendous economic effect." V.I. Klassen Ph.D., Institute of Mineral Fuels, Academy of Sciences, USSR, 1969
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